Sunday, February 27, 2005

200th Visitor to the BrainFarm!!

Woohoo!! We've now had 200 people come to see what the BrainFarm has to offer. And those are all unique IP's, not just people refreshing the page lots of times. Cool huh? All those spider-bots Google keep sending us must be doing their jobs!

Over the last three weeks a lot has happened, and there's lots more to come. Exciting things are happening in all of the NeuralFields and our NetCows are hard at work creating their own links page. And we're looking to harvest some crisp, mint-fresh thoughts on The Media fairly soon. Also, our scientists are working on some top-secret stuff, so check back soon!

We've changed the layout slightly based on your QuestionBarn feedback, and now we list all posts on the sidebar and in weekly archives. Just the three most recent posts will appear on the main page, so's that we don't give you information claustrophobia (terrible thing, that).

We would like some more feedback from you guys in the coming weeks, all comments, nomatter how irreverent or irelevant, are always welcomed. Help us build a community!

Anyways, we'd like to say thanks to the 200 of you that came here since we opened our virtual doors, you make us feel all gooey inside.


At 4:48 am, Blogger SubjectiveRealism said...

well done're a true inspiration to all those other brain farmers out there

At 12:35 am, Anonymous Tony the Tiger said...

Yeah, good work man!
Been back here a few times, but things seem pretty dry at the moment. Give us more!!


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