Saturday, February 05, 2005

Intruder Alert: Artificial Life Found Leeching BrainFarm Data!

Just before dusk this evening I was doing the rounds and heard some strange noises emanating from one of the SynapseBridges, built over the ThoughtStream. The bridge connects two crucial NeuralFields, so security should be pretty tight. I went to investigate, and found two little A.I. creatures chewing into the neurons at the base of the bridge and swallowing up valuable data. I called backup and they were duly captured for observational study.

Using a Free Toolkit for A.I. programmers, our scientists could inspect the animals (now known as Zooks) in an entirely secure virtual world, and could even create more of the little buggers. Their scientific report begins:

"Insect-like in appearance, and with very fluid movement, the creatures were unusually coloured and did not like being prodded. They excelled at all the environmental adaptability tests our team could throw at them, and seem exceptionally spatially-aware for such small creatures. We noted they were also quite competitive. It must be in their programming."

As much as we love our new pets, we cannot afford for our SynapseBridges to be damaged in any way, or priceless bytes of information travelling in the ThoughtStream will be lost to us. The security issue has now been addressed, and investigation of how the creatures found their way to the BrainFarm is now underway. Currently, all we know of their origins is that they escaped from a BBC Online Server, and they were created in some Artificial Intelligence Laboratories in Cambridge, known as Gameware Development

We wish Gameware the best of luck with all of their future developments (the LivingPictures software is superb) but we ask that they keep their Zooks on a tighter leash.


At 2:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is pretty cool. They are making a TV program featuring those critters, coming out on in March. I think.


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