Tuesday, February 08, 2005

World's Smallest Website Dragged to BrainFarm by Roaming Zooks!

Yesterday our observational study of the artificially intelligent lifeforms known as Zooks came to a close (see earler post for details). It was time to let them free, so that they might find their way home again. We uploaded them onto the Internet and pushed 'Send'. Our scientists were getting quite teary-eyed.

They came to love those little critters over the few days they had spent together. It was quite a sight to behold, four lab-coated scientists clinging onto each other for emotional strength, whilst blubbing like children - it seems the bond between subject and observer was not entirely scientific.

Anyway, things had quietened down today, the LabTeam had started work on some new experiments, but the atmosphere around the Lab was sombre. That was, until, just a few hours ago. The Zooks came back! They had somehow emailed themselves back to the BrainFarm, and they were carrying a little website behind them, much like ants carry leaves. Whilst the LabTeam rejoiced at the return of their beloved A.I. pets, I looked at what the Zooks had brought back with them. Click on the picture below to see the World's smallest website!

It seems the Zooks want to stay with us here at the Farm, and we are happy to have them. Since they got back they've been earning their keep, doing odd jobs around the Farm and spell-checking documents, that sort of thing. I promised them that if they work extra hard this week I'd publish one of their articles on the BrainFarm's homepage. They refused to tell me what it's all about, so watch this space!


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