Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Breaking News: First Signs of Life at the BrainFarm

The BrainFarm is now online.

That means the Web has once again expanded into pastures new, and its tendrils have finally found their way here to the Farm. Good news too, because we think we have lots to offer its info-hungry byte-surfers.

A fresh crop of tasty and organically grown thoughts are currently growing in the Farm's NeuralFields, and, once ready to be harvested, we'll put them up on our site for your processing pleasure.

We expect that a new crop of thoughts will be fully grown in the next few days, which we think you'll find delicious. But for now, think about what you'd grow in a BrainFarm of your own.

Right, must dash, I need to round up the grazing NetCows before it gets dark.


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