Friday, April 22, 2005

We've Moved!

Our team of marketing analysts, whose duties include the product-orientation of the BrainFarm's harvest, and take control of the QuestionBarn on the right side of our website, have made an exciting discovery.

It seems that on our patented Cool-O-Meter we now slot into the "Edge" band, rather than the less cool "Fringe" band. Yay! Thanks to all our new visitors, we've now had over three hundred hits, but we must keep them coming.

Tell your friends about us, bookmark us, log onto us from every computer in your office! We need your help to take the BrainFarm into the "Realm of Cool" so that yet more minds can be expanded, for free!

Inside the Head of the World's First Media-Man-Machine, Literally!

For those that are interested in our MediaCyborg's current exploits, you'll have to wait! He's currently thrown himself into the Internet for research purposes. He'll be back with some pithy and post-modern ideas on various subjects some time before Friday 29th April. To feed your willing minds though, below is a photo taken during his construction last month. It shows the circuitry he holds in his organic-metal skull. Cool, huh?